Medellín Hash house


Inter Americas Hash 2022

Labor Day Weekend

September 2, 3, 4 & 5


Shiggy-glorious trails 2 km high,

dirty hash crawls the city below. on-on




Hashers and Harriettes.  At this time we announce that InterAm Medellin will be postponed to Labor Day weekend 2022.  Sept 2-5.  The backlog of events from 2020, 2021 made it necessary. 


Web Page

This page is being modified to provide you all the information necessary regarding InterAm and hashing in Colombia in general.  Keep checking in.


Rego Exchange

Regos are 100% exchangeable. This page will also have the Rego Exchange which is a list of the 500+ waitlisted hashers waiting to take your place.  Also check in soon once the Medellin Hash House goes fully live in February.  If you cant make it to the grand event in 2022, then come any time and hash Medellin 365, 24/7.  Including smaller events throughout the year.


Medellin Hash House

It is what you are expecting, and much more.  A micro boutique lodge atop of the mountains overlooking Medellin and adjacent to the world famous Arvi Park.  For hashers by hashers.  A cornerstone of the InterAm 2022 plan is to have a presence in the community, diversify part of the investment we have all made to make IAH happen, provide a performing asset on the kennel's books, all while providing a true shiggylisious hash experience to all that visit. 

It sleeps up to 11 normies indoors, so about 20 hashers. With plenty of space for camping and direct access to trails all around.

It is currently being fitted with solar energy and rain recuperation efforts to minimize our footprint.  Kitchen should be finished by February.  The Medellin Hash House is ready to receive travel hashers now, but we are not going officially live until late Feb.  Keep checking back on that green button at the top right hand.



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Inter Americas Hash Medellín 2022

Inter Americas Hash Medellín 2022


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Inter americas hash medellin 2022

Rego Exchange

Inter americas  hash medellin 2022

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Inter Americas Hash medellin 2022

Why was Interam 2021 postponed to 2022?

Backlog of events from 2020 & 2021 made the decision. 


What is the Donate button and how does it work?

The Donate button will be the mechanic for the rest of the IAH funds to be received.  And any additional donations hashers may want to give.  More details soon.


What is the Medellin Hash House?

Your Medellin Hash House is one of the cornerstones of IAH202 & the Hash Colombia initiative.  It is in essence an micro lux hotel/ HashBnB2 for hashers by hashers.  Located in one of the most desirable spots, it offers easy access to Medellin, the airport, and is adjacent to the world famous Arvi Park and all its trails and shigginess.  It accommodate up to 15 people.  It’ll be open 24/7 365 to receive travel hashers.  The Medellin Hash House allows MedH3 to have a planning center for Interam 2022, A presence in the communities we will be affecting, as well as a performing asset that allows us to move the local hash agenda.

It’ll be targeted to all travel hashers, those that have paid for Interam 2022 but can not attend on that date, but still wish to hash Medellin, the state of Antioquia, and coming soon, all of Colombia.  And, individual kennels wanting something different, yet still have a Hash experience in some of the worlds best shiggy.

Stay tuned, more details and promo shots to come.  We are installing solar energy.  We are ready to receive single travel hashers and very small groups.  We expect to be fully operational by end of Feb.


How easy is it to get to Medellin? 

There are many direct and connecting flights with good prices.  Florida, Texas, and several large cities along the east coast already have direct flights to Medellin.  Check JetBlue, Spirit, American, Avianca, and VivaAir.

The name of the airport is


Are things inexpensive in Medellin Colombia?  Can I travel on a budget?

Yes you can.  Local beer is $1 or less.  Large meal can be had for as low as $10.  Dont be cheap.


Tipping & gratuities?

Please always leave at least a 10% tip when consuming outside the Medellin Hash House. It's not customary, but highly appreciated by the people that will be serving and attending to our drunken arses.


Safety and travel precautions?

You are traveling to a foreign developing nation.  Take the necessary precautions as outlined by the US Department of State in its foreign travel advisories.  You will be signing waivers and your rego does include local hazard insurance.  More details to come


What if I can not attend Interam 2022 on labor day weekend 2022 but have paid my rego?  And if I have not paid anything?

Your rego if good for any 3 nights here at the Medellin Hash House.  We are creating a quasi private hash space for you to come visit anytime 24/7 365 days a year.  Alone or with you travel hash buddies or for your kennel’s special events.

If you have not paid anything and want to come stay at the Medellin Hash House, just contact us.  Some of you are just passing through on your backpacking journey.  Some of you are in town for business and want to impress a client or boss.  You are all welcomed at the Medellin Hash House.  Minimum donation for full access to beer fridge, snacks, trails, and a hash is $69 per night.


How does Medellin H3 operate?

All funds received are sent and managed by a local Non for Profit based here in Medellin Colombia.  The Corporacion Nuestra Tierra has been in operations for over 10+ years on social issues affecting underserved and impoverished communities.  In 2018 Pablo entered the organization as a volunteer and has since then become the person to drive eco sustainable tourism projects to many wonderful natural and urban areas. What we call… Hashing.

By operating as a non profit we are able to engage the services of the community, local gov, and all necessary players required to bring a large event like IAH into being. 

As a nonprofit we are able to provide transparency in reporting to the tax and revenue authorities both here and in the US and elsewhere if needed.


Interam is always on an odd year.  Please postpone to 2023.

This is not currently being discussed.  But the new model and design of Hash Colombia and the Medellin Hash House means you can come anytime to the Medellin Hash House and hash (subject to occupancy). We hope that the success of the Medellin Hash House and Interam 2022 means that we will be running one large event a year.  With smaller events year round.  But that’s in the future.



I want a refund!

There are no refunds perse. But this same web page will have a marketplace for you to resell your rego.  With over 500 people on the waitlist, you should not have a problem getting rid of you rego. 

Also you may now use your rego at the Medellin Hash House anytime you like (subject to occupancy).  And you may come several times.  You have a 3 night credit that includes, beer, breakfast, snacks, dinner, and a hash run.

You may also donate your 3 nights to a person of your choosing.  Just be sure to let us know if it’s a muggle so we don’t scare them.